A Pre A Level or IB course is offered by a number of UK boarding schools who accept International students who wish to gain entry to a UK university but have decided to come to the UK at an age when they are too old to start the 2 years GCSE course but too young to enter Year 12. A pre A/IB course will be an intensive course of study in core subjects, typically Mathematics, English, Science, Humanities and a Modern Language. Student will be expected to play a full part in the co-curricular life of the school and opportunities will include a wide range of sporting activities, music, drama, outdoor pursuits and additional subjects such as drama, riding, debating and art. There will be a significant level of English as a second language lessons. Students who compete the course and gain sufficiently high grades will proceed to the 2 year A level of IB course. Some students may move to a different school depending on what course they may wish to pursue.