What our clients say

“The moment we decided to send our son to study in England, there appeared the point of where to start  or, actually, WHO to start with. It was clear that we had to find a consultant. @school-in-UK was the solution to our problem: their understanding of the British educational system and all its points shortened the time of our school searching and meant that we  made no mistakes.

We found  after having dealt with two agencies in Moscow by means of phone and the Internet that in such way the process appeared to be slow and rather expensive. But, fortunately, we saw an advertisement about an International Education Exhibition in Moscow. We saw and talked to many people from different British schools and agencies…

But, thank God, we met Stephen Hausey and that was the solution to our problem. Stephen Hausey and Neil Pockett are not simply agents; they are people with great work experience in the  British educational system. In Moscow, our child was interviewed and tested to establish his English language level; we were then given recommendations for the future.

Stephen and Neil were very attentive towards our wishes about the school. Looking into the future we may say that the school was selected so successfully that our child (so home-loving and emotional) adapted to it very quickly and, of course, he stayed there for permanent study. They were very patient while consulting us about all our questions including the school choice, study, documents execution, guardianship. And for us their service was free. Of course we were glad with such help.

Our child has been studying in the UK since June 2011 and we are still in a close constant contact with Stephen. We are absolutely satisfied with the attention given to us. The agency supports our relations with school, helps and explains all the current moments. Julia Genkina, the Russian executive of the agency, is often in touch with us. Because of @school-in-UK, all the information about our son’s study, rest, MOOD (!) is efficient and exact. We are looked after J! Our dreams came true.”

Elena and Konstantin Popov, parents of the boarding pupil.

We met Mr Pockett several years ago when we brought our young son to a UK school for a month for the first time. Several short times followed. These were short-term trips of four or five weeks, but Mr Pockett’s advice was very useful when selecting an English school. When we started thinking about full-time study and a school choice we asked him to help. There are a lot of schools in the UK and great variety of them, so we needed some advice, especially from a person with some teaching experience. Mr. Pockett helped us a lot with the school search and with the preparation of our child for his UK school. Many of his recommendations and his pieces of advice were surprising to us, but very useful. For example, we sent our son to the UK to study for five weeks at the end of the academic year and this helped separate in time the adaptation period and the beginning of the following year’s study course. By this action we avoided unnecessary stress. This contact with Mr. Pockett was not only useful but necessary for us! It greatly helped us to avoid unnecessary mistakes in arranging UK study for our son.

Natalia Lukitsa

“I thought I lost my chance of getting into a good school after Haileybury had refused me, but now I realise how lucky I was to meet @school-in-UK! You recommended me and helped me with enrolment to a truly great college with amazing teachers. Thank you so much!”

Bella Radenovich, Russia

For several years Mr. Pocket was the one who was happy to help me in the difficult task of learning language and getting ready for an exam in the UK, a country I always dreamed of studying in. I first met Neil Pocket after an exhibition in my home city Saint-Petersburg, where he was representing his @school-in-uk company. By that time my English language was poor and limited by usual books. He understood my problem and found a great solution: a program in which I was lived in a family with the teacher having lessons and exploring speaking the language at my free time. I really had nice time there and I improved my English greatly.

Next time we met, Mr. Pocket already knew what I needed and he advised me to go to a summer school in UK, based at a private school called Sedbergh, which was a very nice place in his opinion. But the result was even better than I expected. I loved this miraculous school on the north of UK so much that I started day-dreaming of studing there. But for getting there I needed to pass an exam, and Neil Pocket helped again! He found me a program where I had two perfect teachers in the small town of Bristol and lived in a nice family for 2 weeks.

During all my trips I had a great fun, met lots of people and I was never sorry about meeting such a friendly and helpful person as Neil. I also want to make a point that his partners in UK are always kind and responsive providing good quality services.

Nikita Gotvanik