How we help

Parents come to us as we have earned a reputation for listening to what parents hope to achieve either for their children or themselves. As we gain an insight into the details of each individual we expect to present to parents the options we believe are the right courses that will meet the outcomes that parents wish to achieve whether this be a summer course, an intensive English language course or full time education in a UK independent boarding school.

Next steps

In the first instance, either use our contact page or call Julia on +79119232049 (Russia), email Amanda (Hong Kong) or email

We ask a few details so that we are able to understand how we may help – it is helpful to know the name of students and their date of birth, if the need is for a summer language course, full time education or some other interest. We will then be able to respond with some initial practical information so that we can further your enquiry as quickly as possible.

Making progress

If our information is helpful and you are eager to take things further it will be helpful to have a copy of the student’s passport and an idea of the English level. If the enquiry is for a course in a UK Independent boarding school we  will need to know which class in their Home country School the student learns, will ask the student for a simple personal statement and a copy of the most recently available school report. For summer course applicants we will need a passport copy, details of the level of English and if the desire is for a residential course of one that offers host family accommodation.

Choosing a course

After discussions with Julia, Amanda or a meeting with Neil, details of suitable courses will be sent and discussed with parents and students. The application process will be explained as well as details taken of any medical details such as allergies or medical conditions that may affect a host family or the style of course activities available. Once a course is chosen and agreed, help with the application and further documentation will take place. This will include sending invoices and visa support letters, arrangements about transfers from airports, guardianship if required and any other matters that are necessary for a successful application. Visa support details can be found here.


@school-in-UK makes a charge for consultations carried out in Russia or Hong Kong, by telephone or over the internet. An administration fee is made for assistance throughout the application process, including assistance that may be directly requested by parents or schools such as administering a registration, application and acceptance process, arranging and supervising school entrance exams or individual student academic assessments/testing. Charges are also made for visiting students while attending a course in the UK by request of parents and for arranging and accompanying prospective students/parents while visiting schools.

In return we request that parents inform any schools approached either directly or through the services of @school-in-UK that they have been pleased to use our services in the process of selecting an appropriate school for their child(ren).

UK schools require international parents (boarding) to have a guardian based in the UK. @school-in-UK is able to assist parents at no charge to arrange a guardian.