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Education consultancy and support to parents, students, schools and colleges.

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International students in their desire to gain places in UK boarding schools and colleges, English language courses and university foundation programmes

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Fill out a contact form or ring +79119232049 and we will be delighted to let you know how we can help.

Meet us in Russia

Neil and Julia remain available to parents for advise and help about UK Education, language courses or summer camps in 2023. At present face to face meeting with Neil are not possible but by contacting Julia individual consultations can still be arranged albeit by phone or online. If you would like to meet with Julia our Russia representative to arrange a consultation she can be contacted at: jgenkina@yandex.ru or email either neil@school-in-uk.com or telephone +79119232049. Neil will be pleased to help parents who wish to seek advice about summer programmes or longer term education in the UK.

Hong Kong

Parents with BNO passports who are seeking a UK school placement for their child can contact Amanda by email – amandasharing@gmail.com

Summer Programmes


As concerns about Covid 19 subside it is noticeable that summer courses are receiving a high number of applications with many already indicating rather fewer places available already. Get in touch quickly if a summer programme is what you are seeking.

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