Students, who (1) are seeking to make rapid progress in English language or (2) are working towards English language examinations (eg. IELTS) or (3) are wishing to study English for professional purposes (eg. medicine, law, business, etc) or (4) are preparing for full-time academic courses in UK schools or universities, are more likely to succeed by taking an intensive English language course.

We are able to recommend a number of options and can ensure that a student chooses the option that is appropriate for individual needs. @school-in-UK believe that many of the students they assist have benefitted from intensive English courses in the UK.

One such option, which is increasingly popular, is for total immersion within the teachers home and family. Students enjoy one to one formal tuition on a daily basis, live with the teacher’s family, enjoy meals, excursions and activities with the family and friends. At all times English is spoken exclusively.

Over the many years we have been working with this unique course, the students who have enjoyed this style of intensive English course have made impressive progress. Many have returned to the same teacher and family in following years and firm friendships have been created. Courses can be tailored to suit the needs of the students and there is also a course designed for a parent and child together. For individual students unaccompanied by a parent, the youngest age for joining a family is ten, while there is no upper age limit.

Many of the language schools we recommend also offer intensive English courses and are able to accommodate students wishing to prepare for English exams, business English, English for medicine or teachers of English, who wish to improve their knowledge of the language. The general format is for students to join a general English class according to their ability in the morning lessons and then during the afternoon have more intensive classes in smaller groups or even on a one to one basis.

Intensive English courses by their very nature are more expensive than general courses, but we have found that, for students who wish to make rapid progress, these courses are very good value for money. Communication skills are enhanced by the varied social and activity programmes available to students and homestay accommodation adds an additional opportunity for students wishing to improve general conversation skills.