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We offer education consultancy and support to parents, students, schools and colleges.

We support international students in their desire to gain places in UK boarding schools and colleges, English language courses and university foundation programmes

Neil and Julia will be in St Petersburg from Wednesday 3rd October until Tuesday 9th October and Moscow from Wedsday 10th October until Sunday 14th October to help and advise students and parents. If you would like to meet with him our Russia representative can be contacted at: jgenkina@yandex.ru or email either neil@school-in-uk.com or telephone +79119232049. Neil will be pleased to meet parents who wish to seek advise about summer programmes or longer term education in the UK.

Parents or Students who are interested in booking a 2019 summer course should note that the majority of courses limit the number of students from any one nationality to avoid an imbalance of language speakers. Early bookings are required to secure a place!

For help in finding the right UK school or course for you, click here or ring +79119232049

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